Delete Toolbar History to Maintain Privacy and Safety

Whenever you go online via a web browser and type a URL within the tool bar you are now leaving your tracks so to say. The same goes for when you perform a search engine such as Google. For privacy and security reasons, you should always clear your history and ensure all cookies are deleted as well as other history. Many times even if you think you have the browser settings set in a way that they will clear them or delete them, they actually do not. It is best to manually delete toolbar history at minimum every two days; we do it at least once a day.Often time’s people will enter personal information such as passwords or bank accounts, etc, and these need to be deleted from the history files for security measures. Please find the simple way to do this manually each day, depending of course on the web browser you utilize.To delete toolbar history within Firefox 3.5 + please follow these simple steps:* From an open browser window click on Tools = > Clear Recent History.
* Select everything and click = > Clear NowYou may also want to set your Firefox setting so each time you close your browser it will automatically delete toolbar history.To delete Google toolbar history please follow these simple steps:* Click on the dropdown arrow in the Google search box = > you will see a link that says ‘clear history’ just click it and you are done.To delete toolbar history in Internet Explorer follow these steps:* From an open browser window in IE click on Tools = > Internet Options.
* You will see a section under the tab General; go to the browsing history = > Delete.
* Tick all boxes = > Delete.
* DoneEveryone has their reasons for why they wish to delete toolbar history. In the current times, with many hackers or web pirates trying to hack a website, or gain access to your vital information, why not take a little extra security and keep your toolbar clear of records.You may also want to set which ever browser you are using to automatically delete toolbar history upon closing of the web browser. This offers added security in case you forget to do it manually. It is probably also advisable even if you do have automatic deletion, to do it yourself manually as well just to make certain.